A Steadfast Faith

August 2020

Praise to our Lord for what He has done during VBS in Cokeville! This year we had helping hands from the Make a Timothy Today (MTT) missions team, which made Bible School in Cokeville possible this year. MTT helped in many ways including distributing flyers to the whole area and running the VBS, allowing us to interact with the kids and take care of other tasks behind the scenes.

God worked marvelously throughout the week as we had a record high of 30+ children come each day! Even greater than the numbers, we also had several children make professions of faith, with one precious little girl even requesting a Bible for herself. We also gave out three more Bibles to the “high-scorers” of the week.

We ask that you pray as we attempt to follow up with these children and their families, and begin discipling those who are newly saved. Specifically, pray that these were true professions of faith and that parents will allow these children to come to church. All of them come from LDS households and will shortly be inundated once more with false teaching.

Continue praying for the ministry in Cokeville, that people would be saved and grow in Christ. Pray that, until God sends another servant to shepherd in Cokeville, that we would have the strength supplied to continue the work.

Meanwhile, we are still wading through the process with the Army, as they determine whether James will be retained, discharged, or medically retired. James continues to deal with constant dizziness, so we expect that his days of serving will be coming to an end soon.

We also continue to wait for things to move forward with the VA, so that we can resume our housing search. They have been working remotely due to the virus, but we were finally able to have a virtual appointment with them this week and begin the application process. We are frustrated by the delay, but are confident that God continues to guide in the timing of it all.

Cache County also continues to fight higher numbers of the virus, which has interrupted our regular time over there. We are praying that things would improve soon, and we’d be able to resume our visits, both getting to know more people as well as fellowshiping with the Adanks. They are traveling cross-country right now for a family wedding in South Carolina, so please pray with us for their safety and continued health. Andy is also still looking for a job; we mentioned last time that he found something, but it is not enough to support their family, so he is continuing to search for something better.

There is a lot of waiting and praying going on this year... but as we recuperate from VBS and reflect upon God’s work in Cokeville, we entrust ourselves once more to the facts that, as Romans 8:28-30 tell us, God is working for both our good and His glory!

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