A Steadfast Faith

May 2020

What a difference a month can make! After so many weeks at home, conducting business and ministry over video calls and livestreams, we are slowly transitioning back to meeting in person. We’ve had services in Kemmerer the past 2 weeks, and we are resuming our meetings in Cokeville this week at the senior center. Though things still look a little different—masks and extra space, for example—we are grateful to be physically together again.

We are also looking forward to this summer, when the MTT (Make A Timothy Today) team will be stopping to help us for a week. Our plans have changed slightly, due to Covid and our delay in moving to Cache Valley—but we will still be able to put them to work leading Vacation Bible School in Cokeville, along with some canvassing and more casual gatherings in the park. Please pray that things would be fully open by that time, and that parents would be willing to let their children gather to learn from God’s Word!

On other fronts, as we noted in our last update, our support has come up to nearly 40%. We praise God for this, especially as it is becoming more likely that James will be leaving the National Guard. His mobility has mostly stabilized and he continues to walk without crutches, but the other symptoms continue both in severity and in complicating life. Pray with us that he will get medical retirement and not just medical separation, as that would provide us with ongoing health insurance and retirement benefits.

We are continuing to desire to move into the Cache Valley as soon as possible, but are waiting on things to open up again so we can resume our search for housing. Unfortunately, we are waiting primarily on the VA—whose offices have been closed for the duration of the virus. We are confident in God’s timing for the move, but also somewhat impatient for it to happen!

Meanwhile, we are working on implementing a couple other means of supplementing our support. Because of economic instability due to the virus, Elizabeth’s contract work is ending this month and she is taking steps to turn her art into a regular source of income. James is working toward teaching online Bible classes. We are in many ways looking forward to these changes, as they will allow us to combine some of our ministry activities while supplementing our income until the church in the Cache Valley can support us full time. We look forward to sharing more details with you as things are worked out, and hope we can be a help to you all and many others while God provides for us.

Please continue to keep the Adanks in your prayers as well. We are grateful to report that Andy just started a new job in Cache County. They are also making plans to travel this summer for the wedding of their older son, so be in prayer that everything would be open again by that time.

As our country looks to return to “normal” in the coming months, we are praying that the return is anything but normal. We’re grateful to be slowly returning to in-person church services, and even making plans for VBS this summer. However, let us also pray together that this period of slowing down will remain, and that people will make their spiritual lives a priority.

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